From Metropolis To Ex Machina: Why Are So Many Robots Female?

The new movie Ex Machina has been pushing people’s buttons. It features a seemingly vulnerable robot named Ava, who’s as beautiful as she is mysterious. But Ava’s just the latest in a long line of artificial seductresses, girlfriends and mothers. Why are so many thinking machines female? »4/21/15 4:24pm4/21/15 4:24pm

Why Seth Rogen Would Be A Worse AI Companion Than Scarlett Johansson

In Spike Jonze's film "Her," anyone can buy operating systems that come equipped with artificial intelligence—and this AI is usually so amicable that it's not uncommon for people to fall in love with their AIs. But if an AI developed the personality of Seth Rogen, like in this video by Paul Gale Comedy? It would be… »1/24/14 5:30pm1/24/14 5:30pm