Well, that didn't take long. Action-RPG Heart Forth, Alicia got Kickstarter-funded in less than two days, and it also managed to get Greenlit on Steam like, almost immediately. It is currently steadily heading towards the $110,000 stretch goal, which will net the game a PS4 port. Bright future indeed. » 4/18/14 4:30am 4/18/14 4:30am

It Took Seven Years To Make An Indie RPG So Good-Looking

Its creator started working on Platformer/RPG Heart Forth, Alicia in 2007. The result is an aesthetically beautiful game with a complex story, a detailed world and what looks to be pretty damn fun gameplay. Sadly, it's still not done. » 4/16/14 4:00am 4/16/14 4:00am