I've Seen the Future of Virtual Reality, and It Is Terrifying

Experience the big-screen in private. That's the sales pitch for head-mounted displays. One would think that the only real areas for technological advancement would be in the screen resolution and the actual weight of the device. Introducing the Prototype-SR (Substitutional Reality), a new take on the head-mounted… »9/21/12 4:30am9/21/12 4:30am


Here's How John Carmack Will Put Doom 3 All Up in Your Face

"Support for head-mounted displays." That one little nugget about the upcoming Doom 3 BFG Edition »5/30/12 12:00pm5/30/12 12:00pm stuck out like a sore thumb when this morning's news hit. If you wondered what that might look like, check out the video from , which shows giant goggles jerry-rigged by co-creator John Carmack. When a commenter…