Delaying Harry Potter Has Cost Electronic Arts *THIS* Much

Just like the movie, the latest Harry Potter game has been pushed back » 9/09/08 3:00am 9/09/08 3:00am. How many tears that'll cost the youth of the world, sadly, we'll never know. What we know is how much the delay cost EA in missed revenue for the year. While it's ultimately pointless trivia - they'll just make the money next year instead - it's…

Half-Blood Prince Game Follows Movie Delay Closely

In an effort to make sure that the video game of the theatrical version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince follows the movie experience as closely as possible, Electronic Arts and Warner Bros. Interactive have decided to push back the game to coincide with the movie's recently modified summer 2009 release… » 9/08/08 11:00am 9/08/08 11:00am

Something Wicked This Way Comes, A New Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Trailer

I am sure I will get a lot of flak for this, but I like the Harry Potter movies. It's my guilty pleasure. Hell, I even have a playlist in my iTunes called "guilty pleasures" filled with 80's hits and the Harry Potter soundtrack. With the film recently delayed to 2009, we don't know when the game will come out.… » 8/19/08 7:40pm 8/19/08 7:40pm

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Wii Impressions

I made a name for myself in video games by savaging Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on DS » 8/15/08 7:40pm 8/15/08 7:40pm. It was the most awful, most painful, most broken game I've ever endured and it's my tendency to sneer at most movie-based video games anyway. So what did I expect from Half-Blood Prince on the Wii? Certainly not all…