This Call of Duty Harlem Shake Just Wants The Meme To Die Out Already

Maybe you're sick of all the Harlem Shake videos (they almost never have the real Harlem Shake, dang it!) This take on the dance by SanchoWest knows your pain, knows it well enough to take matters into its own hands and destroy the jerks that are running the meme into the ground. » 2/19/13 8:30pm 2/19/13 8:30pm

Azealia Banks: "212"

My ears have been bubbling today with selections from "Best Music of the Year" lists like I'm taking a long bath in hydrogen peroxide. But more than one list curator has selected Harlem-based Azealia Banks the best artist of 2012, purely on the basis on this one track, released in September, called "212". » 12/13/11 8:40pm 12/13/11 8:40pm