Suspected Lulz Hacker Told Mom He Was Gaming, Not Hacking

The teen linked by international law enforcement to anarchist hacking group LulzSec told family he was spending his days and nights locked in his room gaming, not hacking, the Mirror reports. » 6/23/11 8:30am 6/23/11 8:30am

Dirt Publisher Codemasters Suffers Major Hack Attack, Personal Data…

U.K.-based video game publisher Codemasters e-mailed its customers today to tell them that the company suffered a major online security breach one week ago. » 6/10/11 12:31pm 6/10/11 12:31pm

Deus Ex Website Hacked, Customer Information Stolen

According to a report on KrebsOnSecurity, the public websites for upcoming sci-fi title Deus Ex: Human Revolution and that of its publisher, Eidos, have been hacked, and a ton of information and code stolen. » 5/13/11 1:30am 5/13/11 1:30am

FBI Cybercrimes Joins 22 States In Sweeping PlayStation Network…

The Federal Bureau of Investigations today confirmed to Kotaku that it is looking into the security breach that brought the Playstation Network down and exposed millions of users' personal data to cybercriminals. » 4/28/11 7:30pm 4/28/11 7:30pm

Anonymous Targets Sony, Warns Of Penises Stuck In Hornets Nests

Militant hacker group Anonymous has launched a campaign against Sony, citing the Japanese company's "unforgivable offense against free speech and internet freedom" after it took legal action against a pair of hackers. » 4/04/11 1:00am 4/04/11 1:00am