This Video Game is a "Paedophile Haven", Apparently

Being neither a small child or, it turns out, a paedophile, I had no idea, but according to a documentary put together by Britain's Channel 4, kid's online game Habbo is the place to go if you want someone to " licky your v a g i n a". » 6/12/12 10:00pm 6/12/12 10:00pm

Another Habbo Heist Robs Furniture from 400 Finns

Cops are searching real homes for clues in the theft of virtual items from Habbo Hotel, the teen-oriented social game that's been on the vanguard of virtual crime before. This time Finnish authorities are tracking some 400 cases of theft. » 6/01/10 6:30pm 6/01/10 6:30pm

'Why User Generated Content Matters' (For Some)

User generated content is something of a hot issue, with even universities like Stanford getting in on the game of how to make it easier and more intuitive for people to make their own stuff for games. At the recent Social Gaming Summit, a couple of industry types got together to talk about user generated content in… » 6/22/08 12:30pm 6/22/08 12:30pm

How Casual MMOGs Are Making Money

Lightspeed, a venture capital firm, checked out the average revenue per user for some casual, free to play MMOGs (Club Penguin, Habbo Hotel, Runescape, and Second Life), establishing that other that SL - which pulls in a little over $9 a month in ARPU, thanks mostly to virtual land upkeep - these sorts of casual… » 6/14/08 1:30pm 6/14/08 1:30pm