Pro-Games Talking Point Calls Japan the Home of Violent Games, but Is That Really Any Better?

On Sunday, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats' leader in the House of Representatives, went on Fox News and deflected blame from violent video games as a serious, actual cause of mass shootings in the United States. "In Japan, for example, they have the most violent games and the lowest death-mortality-from guns." »2/13/13 2:30pm2/13/13 2:30pm


With NRA Set to Blame Video Games, Conservative Magazine Says Don't

In America, neither the left nor the right have an exclusive claim on scapegoating violent video games for some societal ill. Both do it in different ways and for different purposes. But tomorrow, the National Rifle Association is expected to blast games and Hollywood in a response to the Newtown, Conn., mass killings… »12/20/12 12:00pm12/20/12 12:00pm