Holy Photocopiers! Guitar Praise Unboxed

Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet: praise Him with the psaltery and harp. Praise Him with the timbrel and dance: praise Him with stringed instruments and organs. Praise Him with a cheap plastic guitar with five colored fret buttons and a whammy bar. » 9/17/08 7:20pm 9/17/08 7:20pm (Psalm 150) MTV Multiplayer has taken delivery of — the…

Guitar Praise - Knocking Off Guitar Hero.. For Jesus

They say that the Devil has all the best tunes — 'they' are noticeably quieter on the subject of who has the most original video games, however. (Hint: it appears to be the devil again) The description for Guitar Praise: Solid Rock seems a little familiar - Two guitars can be connected at the same time, so two… » 8/27/08 9:30pm 8/27/08 9:30pm