Price to Performance, Nvidia's Latest is the Best Video Card Value Going

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 680 may have swiped the performance crown away from AMD's Radeon HD 7970 earlier this year, but at $500, the initial Kepler offering was inaccessible to most system builders. That situation improved slightly in May with the GTX 670, a popular choice among enthusiasts for delivering an incredible… »8/20/12 8:30am8/20/12 8:30am


NVIDIA's Most Powerful Graphics Technology Just Got Much More Affordable

When NVIDIA debuted video cards featuring its powerful Kepler architecture earlier this year, PC gamers around the world stood up and cheered. Then they got quiet when they realized their only options were the $500+ GTX 680 card or the GTX 690, packing dual-Kepler graphics processing units for around $1,000. »8/16/12 9:15am8/16/12 9:15am