​16 Trick Arrows That Make Green Arrow's Boxing Glove Arrow Look Cool

We have made fun of Green Arrow's Boxing Glove Arrow for too long. Sure, it's easy to laugh at a man firing a boxing glove from his bow, but it's still an arrow meant to knock bad guys out instead of piercing their flesh, and that's genuinely useful. Besides, Green Arrow has had dozens of arrows over the years that… »1/03/14 4:57pm1/03/14 4:57pm


This Time Travel Comic Shows People Making The Same Old Mistakes Again

It’s happened time and again. Human beings find some place they’ve never been before, mine it for resources/glory/whatever and wind up screwing with the Natural Order of Things. Terrible consequences follow and life as we know it gets a little bit more miserable. In Jeff Lemire’s new comic series Trillium, mankind… »8/06/13 4:00pm8/06/13 4:00pm