Toronto Mayor's Crack Scandal Lands Him His Own Video Game

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been having a rough year, having allegedly been caught on tape smoking crack and then subjected to the great and terrible scrutiny of our sister site, Gawker proper. At least he got a video game out of the deal . Can you help Ford avoid reporters and crack pipes long enough to earn the cash… »6/24/13 12:00pm6/24/13 12:00pm

Google Play Is Messed Up, Like This Poor Girl's Disfigured Face

"Why don't you review more Android games?" is a question I get on a daily basis, and it's a question I never ignore. Every time I get it, the first thing I do is go to Google Play on my phone and see if there's anything new worth taking a look at. The service doesn't feature a "New Release" section, but it does… »5/22/13 11:30am5/22/13 11:30am

Google Play Games Services Bring A Little Xbox Live To Android

Today Google officially announced Google Play game services, a suite of features aimed at making Google Play a real cohesive game platform rather than a just a random pile of titles in no particular order. Top developers like Glu Mobile and Gameloft are lining up to enhance their Android titles with achievements,… »5/15/13 5:30pm5/15/13 5:30pm

This Week's Android Charts: So Excited for a New Game I Don't Care That It's Wipeout

I've been rather hard on Activision's mobile Wipeout game in the past, largely because it's based on a silly television obstacle course show and not my beloved series of PlayStation hovercar racing games. Today I'm just so happy to see a new game in the Android paid charts that I don't care. C'mere Wipeout, you big… »2/21/13 10:55am2/21/13 10:55am