Look at Awesome Japanese Toys from Jump Festa. Look at Them!

Every year, Japanese publisher, Shueisha, hosts Jump Festa – a convention celebrating its most popular publication, Shonen Jump as a thank you to fans and to give people a little taste of things to come in terms of games, anime, and other assorted media. Also on display (and for sale) are some pretty awesome toys and… »12/21/13 9:30am12/21/13 9:30am

The Figures and Other Loot of Jump Festa 2013 (Giant Luffy Balloon Not Included)

Jump Festa, Shonen Jump's own convention, is a mix of manga, anime, video games, and card games. There are various events, art galleries, game booths, card tournaments, Jump-themed food stalls, and endless amounts of stage shows. But no matter where you look, there is one thing that permeates the entire show floor: an… »12/22/12 6:30am12/22/12 6:30am