Remembering the Video Game Work of Michael Clarke Duncan

Oscar nominated actor Michael Clarke Duncan passed away earlier today. The 54 year-old died from complications from a heart attack he had earlier this summer. Duncan is best known for his roles in The Green Mile, Armageddon, and Talladega Nights—among many, many other films. » 9/04/12 3:59am 9/04/12 3:59am

5 Hilarious Video Game Industry Screw Ups

When an industry is made-up of almost equal parts society-changing brilliance and playboy man-child syndrome, it's bound to generate some exceptionally stupid ideas. » 7/16/12 8:30pm 7/16/12 8:30pm

The Beasts and Beauties of God of War

A former comic book artist, Andy Park is one of the main men to thank if you liked the look of the last two God of War games, as he was a senior concept artist on both God of War II and God of War III. » 9/06/11 7:00am 9/06/11 7:00am

See God of War's Atlantis Left On The Cutting Room Floor

Players of God of War: Ghost of Sparta for the PSP may have already visited the water world of Atlantis, but Sony Santa Monica reveals that undersea environment was originally planned for God of War II. » 11/04/10 5:40pm 11/04/10 5:40pm

God of War Collection Has Its Revenge On PSN Next Month

If you wanted to own the God of War Collection for the PlayStation 3, but couldn't in good conscience bring that box art into your home, Sony has good news. That pair of PlayStation 2 ports is going digital. » 10/20/10 3:40pm 10/20/10 3:40pm

Can Video Games Be Campy?

In a culture so infused with irony, the appreciation of campy works - outrageous movies, terrible art, worse music - is absolutely mainstream. Does it apply to games? Can games strive to be campy? Or are they already so? » 3/28/10 1:00pm 3/28/10 1:00pm

God Of War Collection Dated And Trophied

Sony has nailed down a November 17th release date for the God of War Collection for the PlayStation 3, revealing the full trophy listing for both remastered games in the process. » 10/27/09 3:20pm 10/27/09 3:20pm

First God Of War Collection Trailer Looks Pretty, Familiar

The Blu-ray disc combo release of God of War and God of War II is out... hey, next month! As if you weren't going to get the hi-def God of War Collection for your PS3 anyway, here's a new trailer. » 10/16/09 3:40pm 10/16/09 3:40pm

God Of War Collection Smooths Gameplay, Adds Trophies

Reworked versions of God of War and God of War II, featuring smoother graphics running at a faster frame rate, hit stores this holiday on a single Blu-ray disc, Sony Computer Entertainment announced this morning. » 8/31/09 11:57am 8/31/09 11:57am

Phil Harrison: Why Was God Of War II On PS2, And Not PS3?

With the PS2 now in its last days, we can safely look back and say that, yes, God of War II was the machine's swansong. But it could have been oh so different! » 2/11/09 8:00am 2/11/09 8:00am

Sony Tell Us Which God Of War Song Will Be Guitar Hero DLC

It was swell of Sony to bring a little parity to Guitar Hero's DLC, let PlayStation owners get their own console-specific, mascot-endorsed anthem to play with. While they made the initial announcement a few weeks ago, they neglected to tell us just which GoW song it would be. They have now: it'll be called "The… » 6/04/08 10:20pm 6/04/08 10:20pm