Are Foreign Games Losing Their Stigma in Japan?

For decades, the term "youge" (洋ゲー) or "Western game" was pejorative. In Japanese, "you" (洋) is used to denote Western things, whether that be "Western music" (洋楽) or "Western clothes" (洋服). These words are not pejorative—not like youge has been. » 5/12/11 8:00am 5/12/11 8:00am

How to Buy God of War 2 in Saudi Arabia

Our gamer friends in Saudi Arabia can't buy titles like God of War 2. Not only are they banned for sale within the country, if you order it online you risk having it confiscated, and then you have to pay a fat fine (about $125 US.) No surprise that this kind of crackdown only breeds a black market for the goods in… » 8/09/08 7:00pm 8/09/08 7:00pm