Five Best Places to Buy Used Games and Consoles

If you're looking to save some money on video games, you have plenty of options, from local stores to huge online retailers, all offering gently used games for all platforms, as well as consoles and handhelds as big discounts. This week we're looking at five of the best spots to grab good deals on used gaming gear,… » 9/24/14 7:16pm 9/24/14 7:16pm

The Day Gamers Took Over Reselling: Epilogue

Last week, I wrote about Glyde, the reseller flooded by gamers at its November launch. Because of Glyde's shipping model, the time required for delivery and payment seemed to be a drawback. So how'd Glyde do with a real sale? » 2/19/10 9:30pm 2/19/10 9:30pm

The Day The Gamers Took Over Reselling

When it quietly went online for pre-launch testing early last year, Glyde was a reseller marketplace built with a midwestern, middle-aged book or music lover in mind. Then the gamers found it, and practically took over. » 2/11/10 8:30pm 2/11/10 8:30pm