Nintendo 3DS XL Going All Pink (and White)

To mark the newest Girls Mode fashion game, Nintendo is releasing a new 3DS XL color: Pink and white. The handheld will be released on September 27 for ¥18,900 (US$251). » 8/29/12 7:50am 8/29/12 7:50am

Nintendo's Girls Mode To Tap Into Your Inner Retail Employee

The latest Famitsu was chock-full of game reveals, including our first look at Yakuza 3 » 9/10/08 10:00pm 9/10/08 10:00pm and . One title that we haven't covered is a new release from Nintendo, Wagamama Fashion Girls Mode. Why did we gloss over it? Because the Nintendo DS title is not unlike for fashion victims - think - as players are tasked with…