Guess Which Game Falls Under Which Awesome Japanese "Genre"

Ever wonder why Metal Gear Solid comes with the tagline “Tactical Espionage Action” printed right on the box? Well that’s simple. While it may be a tagline in the West, it’s actually the game’s official genre in Japan. » 5/24/13 6:00pm 5/24/13 6:00pm

Japanese Anime Fans Are Growing Tired Of These Tropes

The anime industry, while not as strong as it was back in 2004-2006, is still booming. During any given week, there will be between 30 to 50 series airing (not counting reruns) on TV, generally during the late hours of night. Most series run for about 11-13 episodes (A few will go between 24-26 episodes). This means… » 12/06/12 8:00am 12/06/12 8:00am

I Understand the Mobile Collectible Card Game Genre Now, But I Can't…

Look at that. There I am, in second place overall in Aeria Mobile's Pirate Maidens, one of those newfangled mobile collectible card games I've been having so much trouble dealing with lately. After a week spent dominating the female anime pirate collecting game I can safely say that I understand the genre intimately.… » 12/05/12 4:55pm 12/05/12 4:55pm

I Should Love This Demon Collecting Game, But I Just Don't Get It

I love collectible card games. I love anime art. I love leveling up strange creatures, melding them together to form more powerful entities. I just can't love Zynga's Ayakashi Ghost Guild, or any of the new breed of collector games popping up on mobile devices lately. » 11/07/12 2:55pm 11/07/12 2:55pm

Video Games Make Lots of Money - But is That a Good Thing?

With juggernauts like the Call of Duty franchise set to make their annual sales record breaking splashes this fall, we don't have to look far to be reminded that video games make heaps of money. However, SuperFLI wonders if this causes more harm than good to the industry as a whole. » 6/29/11 11:20am 6/29/11 11:20am

Brink Heralds "The End Of Genre As We Know It"

More lofty claims from developer Splash Damage, as the latest developer diary for Brink boasts that the game blurs the lines of genre beyond definition. » 8/24/10 11:40am 8/24/10 11:40am

Target's Video Game Department Gets All Fancy

If you're the kind of shopper who makes a beeline for the game section of any store you enter, the reinvention of Target gaming department should be a welcome change, making games more accessible and organizing by platfom and genre. » 5/19/10 12:20pm 5/19/10 12:20pm