Fired Kane & Lynch Reviewer Gets the Last Laugh, 5 Years Later

Game reviewer Jeff Gerstmann, who parted ways with GameSpot five years ago after publisher Eidos took issue with his review of Kane & Lynch, has returned to his old stomping grounds. GameSpot parent company CBS purchased Gerstmann's website, GiantBomb, today. GiantBomb will still exist as an autonomous publication. [… »3/15/12 1:15pm3/15/12 1:15pm

Welcome to Games Reviewing, Carolyn Petit. You're Doing Just Fine.

"I have no problem with the reviewer personally, but I dont want to see what is obviously a man, trying to look like a woman, its just too weird and I find it offensive, I dont want to be bombarded with gay/lesbian/transgender stuff on a gaming website, just have a regular guy or woman reviewing the games." –… »5/19/11 6:20pm5/19/11 6:20pm

GameSpot's Kane & Lynch Review Hit The Dev Team "Like A Hammer"

Generally, we would suspect that any unfavorable review of one's video game creation would be quite the bum out. In the case of IO Interactive's Kane & Lynch: Dead Men »9/10/08 7:40pm9/10/08 7:40pm, however, team members say that GameSpot's damning review of the Eidos published crime epic knocked the wind out of them and that being caught up in…

Gerstmann Axe-Man Now Working At In-Game Ad Company

In-game ad company Double Fusion announced a promotion and two new management hires today: Double Fusion's own Julie Shumaker will now oversee the company's newly formed Core Games Group as general manager and former VP of games at CNET Joshua Larson has been brought on as Vice President of Business Development, and… »8/18/08 11:00pm8/18/08 11:00pm