He Made the 'School Shooting' Game the Sandy Hook Killer Played

The principal and the teachers all had it out for him, Jacob said. A likely story, but he does admit to a middle-school career of "graffiti, practical jokes and general annoyance," all leading to multiple suspensions. One day about five years ago he and his friend were sent home yet again. They decided to start work… »1/08/14 11:00am1/08/14 11:00am


Activision's "Sphere": The Most-Used Unusable Piece of Video Game Music Ever

In the middle 1980s, my brother and I both had Commodore 64s. Our next-door neighbor was the electronics buyer for a catalog showroom—a breed of variety store brought to its knees by Walmart before Best Buy and e-commerce finished the job. Our neighbor was in charge of buying computer hardware, and software.

»5/17/12 9:00pm5/17/12 9:00pm