FTL: Faster Than Light Modded To Run A Marriage Proposal

While his/her loved one was in the shower, a Redditor patched her computer's version of FTL: Faster Than Light to turn it into a marriage proposal with multiple dialog options: » 6/20/14 5:28pm 6/20/14 5:28pm

You Won't See The Pixels On This 3D-Printed FTL Spaceship

TheLobsterClaw shared a 3D-printed version of the starter spaceship from Faster Than Light, the Kestrel, made by a group of enthusiasts. » 4/23/14 9:40am 4/23/14 9:40am

Want some tips for FTL? The terrific starship sim arrived today on the iPad in fine form, but the game isn't all that easy for newcomers. Internet all-star Darius Kazemi shared a solid list of all-purpose tips for the original PC game that new players would do well to read. » 4/03/14 7:30pm 4/03/14 7:30pm

Can Galactic Empires Exist Without Faster-Than-Light Travel?


My newest science fiction novel, Lockstep, was recently serialized in Analog magazine. Reactions have been pretty favourable — except that I've managed to offend a small but vocal group of readers. They're outraged that I've written an SF story in which faster than light travel is impossible. » 3/31/14 8:09pm 3/31/14 8:09pm

Free Expansion and iPad Port for Space Roguelike FTL Arrive Next Week

Exploded ships and frustration galore, now on the go—but only on iPad. If you've only got an iPhone, you're out of luck. You'll have to stick with the PC version. » 3/28/14 4:20am 3/28/14 4:20am

Brilliant news: In early 2014, the excellent indie starship-management game FTL will get a free Advanced Edition that adds all sorts of new stuff. Even better, the game will finally come to iPad, also in early 2014. Yessssssss. » 11/11/13 2:58pm 11/11/13 2:58pm

LEGO FTL Ships Will Probably Try And Kill You Unexpectedly

Builder and designer CrashSanders has come up with some fantastic ideas for a LEGO set based on FTL, the space-faring roguelike that tries to kill you every time you move. » 8/02/13 2:00am 8/02/13 2:00am

The Best Video Game Music of 2012

You press a button, and the beat drops. Forward you fly, straight into the perilous unknown, beats pushing against your eardrums as you push back against the controller. Tempo and harmony swim together, and you lose yourself in the rhythm of play. » 12/13/12 8:00pm 12/13/12 8:00pm

You Won't Survive FTL's Space Mission, But You'll Remember It

I could have quit. I could have made my defeat happen quicker, less painfully. But cliche or not, the captain goes down with the ship. The rules don't change just because we're in space. So I watched my crew dutifully tend to my systems, keeping the ship running as best they could. We knew we weren't going anywhere:… » 9/19/12 4:00pm 9/19/12 4:00pm