Frontlines Map Pack Hits Xbox Live

Anyone out there still playing Frontlines: Fuel of War? Yes you, in the back. This post is for you then. THQ would like $10 from you so you can play the game on four all new maps with that other guy who is playing. I hear he's already buying it, so you might as well. Four new maps have shown up on Xbox Live this… » 9/19/08 1:20pm 9/19/08 1:20pm

New Frontlines Map Appears On Xbox Live

The first of five new maps for THQ's Frontlines: Fuel of War has hit Xbox Live, available now for the low, low price of free. Boneyard features Western Coalition and Alliance forces facing off at a fully functional nuclear missile facility, which is sure to mean ensuing hilarity for all involved. The new map also… » 6/23/08 12:40pm 6/23/08 12:40pm