Exchange 3DS Friend Codes Over Facebook

Looking to swap 3DS Friend Codes with all 450 of your Facebook friends? The folks at Modojo have you covered, with a nifty app that allows you to do just that.[3DS Friend Finder] » 4/08/11 3:40pm 4/08/11 3:40pm

The Great Nintendo 3DS Friend Code Exchange

In today's 3D edition of the Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter JoetheArachnid figures we need a post where new 3DS owners can exchange their friend codes. What a lovely idea. Let's run with it. » 3/28/11 11:20am 3/28/11 11:20am

Nintendo Finally Makes Online Play Easy With 3DS

The Friend Code, the bane of every modern Nintendo gamer's existence, is getting a major overhaul with the release of the 3DS, allowing friends to find friends with little to none of the hair-pulling frustration that is currently involved. » 1/19/11 12:40pm 1/19/11 12:40pm