With Some Work, Freedom Wars Could Be The Vita's Next Big Game

In Freedom Wars, you are a prisoner living in a dystopian future where simply existing is a crime worth a million-year sentence. The game is basically another mission-based multiplayer hunting game, a la Monster Hunter, but it's got enough originality going for it that it still managed to catch my heart despite some… »7/11/14 6:40am7/11/14 6:40am

Monster Hunting in Dystopian London: Freedom Wars Hits Vita in 2014

As promised: more about Sony's recently teased Panopticon, or, as it likes to call itself now, Freedom Wars. And although the trailer up top doesn't tell us much more of the dystopian monster-infested London we've seen before, we now know that Freedom Wars is a multiplayer action game coming to the PS Vita in 2014. »5/21/13 6:20am5/21/13 6:20am