Indie Favorite RadianGames Launches Four New Games All At Once, All For…

After crafting some of the best games in the Xbox Live Indie Games program and branching out to both iPhone and PC/Mac development, RadianGames is ready to take the PC indie gaming scene by storm with the launch of not one but four brand new titles. Did I mention RadianGames is just one guy? » 1/12/12 2:30pm 1/12/12 2:30pm

Skate 2 Online Does Not Feature Wizards And Warlocks

/ In this latest Skate 2 developer diary-style video featurette, online producer Brian Lindley reveals new online multiplayer modes for the game before storming off set and ultimately killing a guy with eldritch energies. » 1/06/09 5:20pm 1/06/09 5:20pm