Fans Seem to be Waiting for Big-Name Sports to Launch on New Consoles

The third of three sports titles releasing on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at launch arrived on shelves today—NBA 2K14—but if reviews and sales figures for its peers are any indication, fans appear to be waiting for the next console generation before they buy the sports titles closing out this one. If at all. »10/01/13 12:30pm10/01/13 12:30pm

What Will It Take to Get EA on the Wii U Again? 'Sell More Boxes.'

The most glaring indictment of the Wii U's poor performance to date is the fact that FIFA—one of the biggest-selling franchises worldwide, in any genre—is publishing for everything but Wii U. FIFA 14 will come out on the PSP. It will publish on the original Wii. There'll be a version on the PS Vita, for god's sake. »6/15/13 11:00am6/15/13 11:00am