Are You Going to PAX?

Today's very special installment of Speak Up on Kotaku presents our readers with a way to connect with each other during PAX 2011, kicking off with commenter Jekku, the Flemeth bodyguard. Let everybody know who you are and what you'll look like! » 8/25/11 11:20am 8/25/11 11:20am

Don't Know Your Noir From Your L.A. Noire?

Crime game L.A. Noire is Rockstar's take on 1940s-era Los Angeles, complete with guys in hats, guns and big, fancy cars. But what is noir? » 11/15/10 2:00am 11/15/10 2:00am

The Horror Of The Wild West

Before Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare launched, Rockstar's Dan Houser compared the zombie add-on to a 70s horror flick. With Halloween right around the corner, get out the popcorn, because here is a field guide to some crazy Westerns. » 10/29/10 5:00am 10/29/10 5:00am

Ten Great Gangster Movies

Next week, gangster game Mafia II goes on sale. You might be looking for a primer — something to get you into the mood. You might want to revisit some old favorites. Here are ten classic gangster flicks. » 8/20/10 3:30am 8/20/10 3:30am