Fast And Furious 6's Famous Car-Flipping Scene, Recreated In GTA V

One of the most memorable scenes in Fast & Furious 6 comes early in the film, when bad guy Owen Shaw drives out of a hideout wrecks the entire London police force using what looks like a giant metal door wedge. YouTuber RUNitsAlpha created Shaw’s killer door wedge in GTA V, and used it to re-shoot the whole FF6 scene. »10/14/15 4:00pm10/14/15 4:00pm


Adding Mario Kart To The Next Fast And Furious Film Is A Grand Idea

We have a love/hate/tequila-fueled relationship with the Fast and Furious films. They're fun, though they are mindless and have drifted away from their car movie focus as of late. Those geniuses in Taiwan who animate their news have a solution for this: add Mario Kart to Fast and Furious 7. »7/09/13 4:23am7/09/13 4:23am