The Return Of The World's Greatest Family Guy Cosplayer

Things Get Weird In Five Minutes Of The Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover

The long-awaited crossover between The Simpsons and Family Guy doesn't air until September 29, but Comic-Con attendees were treated to nearly five minutes of footage from the upcoming double-sized episode. So far, so brilliant. » 7/28/14 10:40am 7/28/14 10:40am

Peter Griffin Cosplayer Also A Perfect Peter Griffin Impersonator

Doing The Dirty Simpsons With Family Guy's Quest For Stuff

Racism, sexism, homophobia, pedophilia — all the horrible things that makes Family Guy what it is are present in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, plus some free-to-play mechanics some might find offensive. » 4/13/14 4:30pm 4/13/14 4:30pm

FOX Go Bananas After Family Guy Game Gets Released Early

There's a new Family game for mobile, called Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. It's not out yet, but for a few hours earlier today, it was accidentally made available on New Zealand's app store. Something FOX was not very happy about. » 4/08/14 9:30pm 4/08/14 9:30pm

This is how they introduce Family Guy's answer to The Simpsons Tapped Out. TinyCo and Fox Digital are bringing the animated sensation to Android and iOS early next year. The Family Guy mobile game will feature voice talent from and stories inspired by the hit show, allowing players to interact with the horrible… » 12/10/13 11:00am 12/10/13 11:00am

Stewie Terrorizes Frat Boys in These Family Guy Video Game Screen Shots

We already know that the toddler genius and talking dog from Seth McFarlane's hit TV show will be the star of the upcoming Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse game. (Mike Fahey says it'll probably be good for a laugh.) The screens above show off more of what the in-game action will look like, with Stewie—but no… » 7/27/12 3:30pm 7/27/12 3:30pm

The Amish Are Gonna Be Furious When They Play the New Family Guy Game

When the barns are done being raised and the butter churned, there's nothing the Amish love doing more than settling down in front of their carved wooden televisions and acting out scenes from the latest video games. In Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse the joke's on them, and boy will they be irate. » 6/11/12 9:30pm 6/11/12 9:30pm

We Hear The New Family Guy Game Will Have A Level Called 'Mass Erect'…

Activision's new Family Guy game will feature a parody Mass Effect level called "Mass Erect," according to a source with ties to the game. » 5/09/12 1:30pm 5/09/12 1:30pm

One of the Most Popular Family Guy Episodes Gets Its Own Video Game

With ten seasons of Seth McFarlane's Family Guy to explore it might seem silly to base a new video game on one single episode. That is unless the episode in question is season eight's brilliant "Road to the Multiverse." » 5/07/12 8:30am 5/07/12 8:30am

This Reminds Me of That Time They Announced Family Guy Online

It seems today that all you see are quick and dirty browser-based tie-in games for popular shows on TV. 20th Century Fox is bringing Seth MacFarlane's animated comedy online, giving fans a chance to make their pop culture laden flashback dreams come true. » 7/20/11 11:40am 7/20/11 11:40am

Say What You Will About Family Guy, It Still Knows Its Street Fighter II

Any soft spot I had for Family Guy toughened up years ago when the show's shtick wore out its welcome. And yet here I am, enjoying the crap out of this segment. » 4/11/11 5:40am 4/11/11 5:40am

Lucky There's A New Family Guy Game On The iPhone

There's a new platforming shooter starring Stewie and Brian of Fox comedy Family Guy travelling through time battling twisted versions of the show's regulars? That reminds me of the time I realized I can't summon irreverent pop-culture flashbacks on command. » 12/07/10 4:20pm 12/07/10 4:20pm

Modern Warfare 2 Guest Stars On Family Guy

This week's episode of animated comedy series Family Guy ends with a special treat: a cameo appearance from Modern Warfare 2, complete with the game's community manager. » 4/12/10 1:24am 4/12/10 1:24am

Family Guy Teaches Us How to Drive — Using Grand Theft Auto

Last night on a very special Family Guy: When Peter loses his memory, he needs to re-learn everything. That includes driving. Trouble follows when Lois hooks him up to the murder simulator. » 1/04/10 10:30pm 1/04/10 10:30pm

Writers from The Simpsons, Futurama and Family Guy Working on Machinima…

Writers from 15 televison sitcoms, including The Simpsons, Futurama and Family Guy, have signed on with to 15 original episodic comedy pilots for the online network using video games. » 12/18/08 10:40am 12/18/08 10:40am