Fake Mentally Disturbed Killer of the Week: Alice's Madness Never Left

"When is a cosplay not a cosplay?" queried the Mad Hatter, sipping lukewarm tea from a cracked and leaking cup. "When it's pay-per-use stock photography that someone put up for sale in case someone felt a pressing need for shots of a woman dressed as the lead character from American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns »8/20/12 5:00pm8/20/12 5:00pm?" I…


Fake Gamer Of The Week: My Supah Glahsses Make Me Supah Fantastich At Video Games

Ya, hello little boys and girls. How aah you today. Are you good? I am good. Are you?

Ich heisse Hans, and I am very, very good-looking and also a male model and also very good at PC gaming, ya! You puny little dogs don't even rate for me, I am so good at killing you in the Counter Strike and the Team Fortress 2 that… »8/13/12 4:01pm8/13/12 4:01pm