The New Fables Game Is Cool, But Something's Off

It's a killer setup for a mystery: Hundreds of storybook fables have relocated to New York. One man—the Big Bad Wolf—is in charge of keeping order. And now, someone is murdering fables. That's the premise for The Wolf Among Us, a new game based on Vertigo's popular Fables comics. And while the game is often as cool as… »10/10/13 6:30pm10/10/13 6:30pm

Peter Molyneux Compares Contrasts Xbox 360 and PS3

Lionhead Studios is owned by Microsoft. Peter Molyneux works for Lionhead, so thus, he bleeds neon green. But does that mean Molyneux doesn't want to make a PS3 game? Let's hear what fable Molyneux has to spin:
I um and ah because, OK, it's a quite sophisticated piece of tech. These days I don't get involved so much…
»10/01/08 12:00am10/01/08 12:00am