Mother Nature, The Coldest Real-Time Strategist of Them All

Eufloria HD » 2/22/12 12:10pm 2/22/12 12:10pm is a brutal game. Oh sure, it looks to be all pastels and flowers, but beneath its groovy new-wave art-style and bloopy, soothing soundtrack lies a game about life-or-death survival. A very game about life-or-death survival, as it turns out.

Crysis, NBA Jam, God Hand and Eufloria Are New on the PlayStation Store

It's true. You can finally download PlayStation 2 classic God Hand to your PlayStation 3, people. That's the wonderfully wacky beat 'em up from the people who made Okami. IGN labeled it awful, while Kotaku contributor Tim Rogers likened it to "being a professional chainsaw-wielding glacier demolisher at a party where… » 10/04/11 6:20pm 10/04/11 6:20pm

Sony Sinks $20 Million Into Exclusive PlayStation Network Games

Not content to run a downloadable games service where players have to wait weeks for repairs in order to play titles already out on Xbox Live Arcade, Sony Computer Entertainment America commits $20 million over three years towards the development of more excellent PlayStation Network exclusive games. » 7/13/11 10:40am 7/13/11 10:40am