Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold is coming to North America this summer, publisher Atlus announced today. The upcoming 3DS game is, like Etrian Odyssey Untold before it, a remake of EO2 with new options and a story mode. » 3/10/15 1:03pm 3/10/15 1:03pm

Here's The Etrian Odyssey Remake's Lovely Intro

Well, really, it's more than a remake: in addition to the "classic" mode that keeps the first Etrian Odyssey's dungeon crawling intact, Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millenium Girl has a "story" mode that sets you up with a predefined party (and extra cut-scenes)! » 8/07/13 4:30pm 8/07/13 4:30pm

Famitsu reports that Etrian Odyssey: Millenium Maiden, the new, story-focused dungeon crawler coming out in Japan on June 27, will have cutscenes and an animated opening. Cutscenes and an animated opening done by Madhouse, of Trigun, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Paprika fame, no less. » 4/25/13 5:20am 4/25/13 5:20am

This Is About As Close To The Original Final Fantasy As You Can Get…

When I was a young whelp, back when my writing career involved pictures of dragons and a black-and-white spiral notebook, I spent a lot of time playing the first Final Fantasy. » 3/01/13 3:00pm 3/01/13 3:00pm

Now You Can Get Lost in the Sky

On Feb. 27th, Atlas opened its official site for the upcoming 3DS game, Etrian Odyssey IV Denshou no Kyosin » 2/27/12 7:30am 2/27/12 7:30am (Collosus of Tradition). The website currently has an introductory page, character page, and a systems page—all of which will be further updated soon.

Details On SEGA's "Mystery RPG"

Last week, a SEGA ad » 9/24/08 4:00am 9/24/08 4:00am featuring a dragon-type shadow announced: "We're making RPG now!" Apparently, SEGA is. This week's reveals that the mystery RPG is a DS title called . It's the new game from director Kazuya Niinou. The game allows up to four players to play in a single party at once with job classes that include…