Tatsunoko VS Capcom Confirmed, Playable At E3

Capcom has confirmed that a North American version of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom for the Nintendo Wii is indeed one of their two secret games for E3 2009, debuting in playable form at the Capcom booth. » 5/18/09 5:20pm 5/18/09 5:20pm

High Voltage To Reveal New Original Title At E3

With The Conduit as good as released, High Voltage Software plans to use this year's E3 to reveal their all-new original IP to the world at large, and they couldn't wait until then to tease it. » 5/18/09 4:20pm 5/18/09 4:20pm

BioWare's Mass Effect 2 E3 Prelude

BioWare lays out their E3 plans for Mass Effect 2 in this E3 prelude video, giving us an early look at the expansive changes coming to the next chapter in their sci-fi epic. » 5/15/09 1:20pm 5/15/09 1:20pm

Target Brings Delicious Snacks To E3

Retailer Target continues to punctuate their dedication to the video game market by delivering delicious snacks to the attendees of E3 2009 via the Target Bullseye Lounge. » 5/12/09 11:40am 5/12/09 11:40am