Drawing Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Means David Marquez's Girlfriend Has A Bigger Gamerscore Than He Does

Part of Panel Discussion's mission is to look at the ways and places where comics and video games intersect and here in Crossover, we'll be talking to game creators about the comics stories and creators who've shaped their sensibilities. »4/10/12 3:30pm4/10/12 3:30pm So far in Crossover, we've spoken to game creators about comics. This time,…

Mass Effect 3's Ending Got You Down? Come Talk About it at Kotaku Game Club

Welcome back to the Kotaku Game Club's discussion of Mass Effect 3. We're finally here. Today we'll be talking about the game's last missions and its oft-maligned ending. Whether you loved or hated it, everybody seems to have their own idea of what should've happened at the end of this game.

As with all of our… »3/22/12 4:00pm3/22/12 4:00pm

Mass Effect Infiltrator Presents a Slice of the Galaxy That's Not Worth Exploring

When it comes to games like Mass Effect Infiltrator »3/06/12 12:10pm3/06/12 12:10pm, there's no avoiding the fact that you're going to be getting a stripped-down version of a console experience. The key question, then, is whether the necessary whittling-down can preserve enough the essence of the original version to become a worthwhile spin-off.

These Mass Effect 3 Videos Make the Wait Until March 6 Feel Like Forever

Mass Effect 3's less than a month away, but that span of time feels like an eternity. The relaunch of the website for BioWare's sci-fi epic isn't helping either. It's sporting videos that tease out elements of the upcoming threequel from multiplayer to narrative. It seems like they're there to help along people new… »2/10/12 8:30am2/10/12 8:30am