echochrome Coming To PlayStation Home In Two Dimensions

Tatsuya Suzuki and Jun Fujiki, lead developers on the PSP and PlayStation 3 puzzler echochrome »7/31/08 9:00pm7/31/08 9:00pm, announced that a 2D version of the game is coming to PlayStation Home at an unspecified date. Instead of tapping into the PS3's 4D capabilities, the Japan Studios team is going in the other direction, presumably adhering to…

echochrome Review: Poppin', Lockin' and Thinkin'

Sony touted it's minimalist PlayStation Network puzzler echochrome at E3 2007 as a game inspired by the classic, simple-but-deep rule sets of traditional brain teasers like the Chinese board game Go and the Rubik's Cube. Pitched as the PlayStation 3 game with "the least graphics and the most gameplay," echochrome lets… »5/09/08 4:00pm5/09/08 4:00pm