EA Spring Break Event Round-Up

The embargoes for the EA Spring Break Event were spaced out throughout the month of April and into early May, but now that they've all expired, we can put them in one convenient post. » 5/05/09 9:20pm 5/05/09 9:20pm

Brütal Legend: The Auteur’s Art

If art is about the personal vision of the artist or an exclusionary experience that separates those who get it from those who don't, Brütal Legend is a game that gets to be art. » 4/30/09 2:20pm 4/30/09 2:20pm

Dante’s Inferno Preview: Looks Like Hell

Is there some game developer's guidebook that I don't know about? If so, I need to find it and tear out the page that says "cloning God of War = best idea ever." » 4/28/09 3:30am 4/28/09 3:30am

You Want Your Dead Space Original Or Extra Crispy?

It's been two weeks since we had anything to say about Dead Space: Extraction, so EA has seen fit to send out new screens to keep the Wii exclusive on the radar. » 4/27/09 3:30am 4/27/09 3:30am