Henry Hattsworth and the Puzzling Adventure – Sit On It, Layton

The star of EA's 08 Showcase is easily the underdog. Not much has been said about Henry Hattsworth and the release date remains firmly fixed in the far off haze of 2009; so I wasn't expecting to see so much of such a cool game when I finally got my turn to try the dual screen adventure-puzzle hybrid. I get why I… »8/18/08 8:00pm8/18/08 8:00pm

Battlefield Heroes – Battling The Stigma Of Battlefield

Accessibility is the keyword for the Battlefield Heroes dev team and I've never been happier to hear it. I like my WWII shooters just fine, but they do start to feel a little stale after the fourth or fifth version; and it gets really hard to get into a series once the established fan base is dead-set on going after… »8/15/08 8:00pm8/15/08 8:00pm

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Wii Impressions

I made a name for myself in video games by savaging Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on DS »8/15/08 7:40pm8/15/08 7:40pm. It was the most awful, most painful, most broken game I've ever endured and it's my tendency to sneer at most movie-based video games anyway. So what did I expect from Half-Blood Prince on the Wii? Certainly not all…