They're trying to put Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot on Steam. The pair of venerable MMORPGs, launched in 1997 and 2001, respectively, have recently come under the control of the newly-formed Broadsword Online Games, who took to Steam Greenlight in an effort to find a new audience for the two classics. » 4/17/14 7:45am 4/17/14 7:45am

Welcome To Mobile Gaming, Angry Dungeon Keeper Fans

After spending the better part of two years covering the mobile gaming beat for Kotaku, I found myself puzzled over the anger surrounding the free-to-play features and rating policies of EA Mobile's new Dungeon Keeper game. Then it hit me — you guys must be new. » 2/07/14 5:00pm 2/07/14 5:00pm

It's Not Classic Dungeon Keeper, But It's Not All Bad

Every time I launch EA's free-to-play mobile reboot of the classic Dungeon Keeper franchise, I imagine a chorus of demons and imps singing Boyz II Men's "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday." » 1/30/14 4:15pm 1/30/14 4:15pm

It's Nearly A Miracle That The New Ultima Exists

The back-story behind a new Ultima game should be a horror show: Ultima—beloved role-playing game series designed by the great Richard Garriott who sold his company to cold, corporate EA and down the tubes Ultima would go, returning in 2013 only for money-grubbing reasons. Nope. That's not it. » 8/14/13 11:10am 8/14/13 11:10am

Warhammer Online Enters Guild Beta Stage

It's full speed ahead for EA Mythic's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning as the game enters the final phase of closed beta testing, the Guild Beta. This is the stage where guilds from other games who signed up for beta as a whole will gain access to the game en masse in order to test out the newly implemented guild… » 7/11/08 10:20am 7/11/08 10:20am

EA Mythic's Barnett on Why He Doesn't Hit GDC

A few months ago, Kieron Gillen sat down with Paul Barnett, EA Mythic's Creative Director, and has been posting bits and pieces of that interview session ever since; this week, we were treated to one of the best cynical descriptions of GDC ever. Barnett explains why, despite being asked to go, he declined the chance… » 7/06/08 12:00pm 7/06/08 12:00pm

Warhammer Ready To Hammer Russia

Russians, listen up! Warhammer Online is coming. That's right, a fully localized version of EA Mythic's MMORPGH Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning will be released in Russia for PCs early next year. Whew! Make it through the post without a "Because in Soviet Russia, Warhammer Online plays you" joke. Oh. Wait. » 7/03/08 3:00am 7/03/08 3:00am

Australia And Friends Added To Warhammer Online Launch

The worldwide launch for EA Mythic's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning just got a bit more worldwide. Recognizing the legion of Warhammer fans in Australia and New Zealand, the two countries along with Southeast Asia will bet getting the game the same time those of us in Europe and North America do, complete with… » 5/16/08 1:40pm 5/16/08 1:40pm

World Of Warcraft Makes MMO Making Easier

Here's a rather interesting viewpoint on World of Warcraft's MMO genre dominance. Rather than seeing the Blizzard game's dominance as a detriment to new games, EA Mythic's senior designer Josh Drescher suggest that it actually makes developing a new MMO easier. » 5/14/08 10:40am 5/14/08 10:40am

It's an amazing bit of insight that I hadn't taken into…