Sony's 3D Display Tech Is So Not New

One of Sony's big E3 reveals was its 3D display that allows gamers to see two different images on the same screen at the same time. This isn't new. Some dude is already enjoying this feature at home. » 6/08/11 1:40am 6/08/11 1:40am

Hulk Hogan Puts Us In a Wrestling Hold, We Punch Back

Kotaku's Stephen Totilo checked out Kinect title Hulk Hogan's Main Event earlier today and got wrestling advice from the Hulkster himself. » 6/07/11 10:01pm 6/07/11 10:01pm

Kid Icarus: Uprising Looks at the Size of that Squadron

It's been a long time since the world's seen a brand new Kid Icarus game, but this year, Kid Icarus: Uprising is going to change that. » 6/07/11 8:18pm 6/07/11 8:18pm

Dynasty Warriors Vita Gameplay Footage Hacked Up

Brace yourself—not for the gameplay footage—but for the guitar soundtrack. Dynasty Warriors is coming to the PS Vita, and this latest trailer shows how the game will make use of some of the PS Vita's features. » 6/07/11 6:55pm 6/07/11 6:55pm