Facebook's Favorite Games of 2012

There are what Kotaku thinks are the best games on Facebook, and then there are the games Facebook's game curators and players think are the most playable pieces on the social network. I find their lack of Robot Rising disturbing. » 12/27/12 10:55am 12/27/12 10:55am

Dungeon Rampage's Red Ranger Has Anger Issues

One of those hardcore social games, Dungeon Rampage shows off just how hard it can get with this trailer for the new Red Ranger skin and its festive bonus outfit. » 12/26/12 1:55pm 12/26/12 1:55pm

Hardcore Social: Dungeon Rampage is a Bloody Good Time

Playing social games doesn't have to mean clicking on a farm. In Dungeon Rampage's case, social means wading into hordes of enemies and traversing perilous dungeons side-by-side with other people; you know — old school social, the way your mother used to make it. » 11/09/12 3:05pm 11/09/12 3:05pm