It Felt Cheap at First, But Demon Gaze Is a Solid Vita RPG

"What the hell is Demon Gaze?" was my first response when I heard about this new game for the PS Vita from Kadokawa Games. The game was released on January 24th in Japan under the genre of "dungeon RPG," and almost immediately sold like crazy. Well… relatively crazy. It is a Vita game after all, and there aren't as… »2/14/13 6:00am2/14/13 6:00am


In Between System Shock and BioShock, We Almost Had Irrational's Dungeon Duel

Over at the Irrational Games' Blog, the BioShock Infinite developer has posted concept art and documents from an old, abandoned game called Dungeon Duel. The game had made it all the way to development back in 2002, based off of a pitch that described it as a "fast-paced RTS strategy with the addictiveness of card… »9/22/11 9:30pm9/22/11 9:30pm