I Love Playing Magic: The Gathering. Just Not With Other People.

I love Magic: The Gathering. I've loved the card game since it first showed up back in the early 90s. The depth of strategy present in these bits of colored card stock is astounding, and the work Wizards of the Coast has put into building an empire based on them inspiring. I love Magic: The Gathering. I hate theā€¦ » 7/03/13 3:00am 7/03/13 3:00am

Magic: The Gathering Taps Into PlayStation Home

What happens when the world's most addictive collectible card game meets the world's least addictive virtual world? Find out tomorrow, when Magic: The Gathering enters PlayStation Home. » 2/09/11 5:20pm 2/09/11 5:20pm

Magic The Gathering Gets Steam-Powered

After a successful run on Xbox Live Arcade, Wizards of the Coast is bringing Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers to keyboard and mouse set via Steam next month. » 5/24/10 5:20pm 5/24/10 5:20pm