Hey, Hollywood, Listen to What This Mass Effect Writer Thinks You Should Do for That Movie You're Making

Studio heads, directors and agents haven't been knocking down Drew Karpyshyn's door. The man who was one of the Mass Effect universe's chief architects knows that Hollywood will be looking elsewhere for the talent that will power the upcoming film adaptation. But Karpyshyn headed up the writing for the first Mass… »4/10/13 5:00pm4/10/13 5:00pm

Where The First Mass Effect Failed, And Succeeded, According To Its Head Writer

Drew Karpyshyn was there at the beginning of Mass Effect, but he still hasn't played the end. He was lead writer on the first two games in the series, but has yet to see the third game through to its conclusion. He knows about the the controversy, about the cupcakes and the Extended Cut. But he just hasn't gotten… »4/09/13 3:00pm4/09/13 3:00pm