Dead or Alive 5 Developers Would Love If Their Game Was in Fighting Tournaments But…

These days, it's impossible to make a fighting game without the awareness that the community surrounding those games is going to put it through its paces. The fact that there's a dedicated group of players who'll be picking apart movesets and stun durations isn't daunting to fighting game creators, though. For some,… »6/15/12 9:00am6/15/12 9:00am

In Dead or Alive 5, A Super Move Can Make a Giant Robot Clown Face That Can Sneeze You to Death

You know how it goes when you're facing another person in a fighting game round: both players have whittled off some chunks off the other's life bar and the match seems up for grabs. That's where I was while playing Dead or Alive 5 at Tecmo's booth today. The person manning the display already whupped me a few times… »6/06/12 9:00am6/06/12 9:00am

Tecmo Koei’s E3 Plans Are Pretty Much a Dead or Alive 5 One-Ring Circus

You might be wondering what Tecmo Koei's got up its corporate sleeves after Ninja Gaiden 3 chopped its way release earlier this year. Well, it's a good thing that E3's right around the corner so that we can find out. The folks who put out lots and lots of Dynasty Warriors games have put the word out on what they'll… »5/30/12 1:30pm5/30/12 1:30pm