Game of Thrones' Producers Aren't Listening To You, And That's A Problem

Game of Thrones has been dominating the headlines recently, and not necessarily for all the right reasons. The incredibly intricate fantasy saga is still a riveting watch every week, but it's also been accused of excessive depictions of rape and a few other, more minor infractions. The show's producers, however, make… »5/07/14 10:31pm5/07/14 10:31pm


"theGAYERGamer" Gets Xbox Live Ban, Microsoft Explains

The Consumerist printed a letter from a reader, Grant, who claims his Xbox Live gamertag, "theGAYERgamer," was banned from Xbox Live. When he called Microsoft customer support, a rep reportedly told him that while she wasn't offended by his gamertag, "the greater Xbox community" had found his it offensive, thereby… »5/14/08 7:20pm5/14/08 7:20pm