Hamsters, Horror, and Holiday Cheer Punctuate This Week in Gaming Apps

I could have just said the three H's and every Kotaku reader would have understood, but sometimes we get outsiders checking these things out so we have to clarify. Where was I? Oh yes, Merry Christmas! » 10/14/11 3:00pm 10/14/11 3:00pm

Let's Go On a Musical Week in Gaming Apps Adventure

Gather round, take my hand, and we'll journey to a special place, where mobile games roam and people tend to groan because we never have any games for Android. Don't worry, they'll eventually be Android games too! » 10/07/11 4:00pm 10/07/11 4:00pm

From Play-Fakers to Music-Makers, Here Are Your Gaming Apps of the Week

Between vacations and major gaming events, we've spent far more time playing gaming apps than writing about them over the past few weeks. This week we bounce back with something old, something new, something NFL-related, and something oddly musical. » 9/09/11 6:00pm 9/09/11 6:00pm

From Snot-Shooting to Eyeball Eating, The Best Gaming Apps of the Week

Shooting your own mucus at phlegm-hungry monsters? Destroying ice sculptures with multicolored bombs? Attacking a dolphin-headed mad scientist from the inside? It's definitely time for this week's Gaming App of the Day round-up. » 8/12/11 6:00pm 8/12/11 6:00pm