Katamari is My Antidepressant

Everybody has a bad day. Maybe work was stressful. Maybe you didn't score well on a test. Maybe your didn't get a good night's sleep. Maybe you're faced with too many problems and don't know what to do. Whatever the case for your blues, I know there is always one thing that can pull me out of it: Katamari. » 3/05/15 11:55pm 3/05/15 11:55pm

Video Game About Masturbating Is A Lot Less Fun Than It Sounds

Video games have a lot in common with porn. That's not meant as a criticism—some of the best minds in the business have compared the two as a way to advocate on behalf of the creative merits of both. But here's the thing: once you accept that video games are often structurally similar to porn, what does that say about… » 4/29/14 6:15pm 4/29/14 6:15pm

A Virtual Escape: Gaining Life from Nearly Losing it

In today's society it has become the norm to cast blame on things that we don't understand. When some look at shootings, stabbings, and other random acts of violence they see the cause as something they want to believe, no matter the evidence presented. In the past we have seen comics, music and books as the… » 4/14/14 1:38pm 4/14/14 1:38pm

4 Video Games That Help You Understand And Deal With Your Depression

The web has been abuzz about games with a focus on depression this year, Depression Quest in particular catching everyone's eye. But this very small subcategory of free games goes beyond just that title, and we can take in a true variety of experiences when exploring this space. » 4/19/13 11:00am 4/19/13 11:00am

I Used To Smoke Pot Every Time I Played A Video Game. Here's Why I…

I started smoking pot during my junior year of college, after a loud and messy breakup with my first girlfriend that sent me into an absolutely manic rage. It was shortly after she left, bawling, that one of my roommates asked if I wanted to get high. I guess that was his way of trying to make me feel better. That… » 2/26/13 9:30am 2/26/13 9:30am

This Video Game Actually Treats Teenagers' Depression

Usually when "video games" and "depression" show up in a sentence together, there's a research team trying to prove that playing video games causes or at least correlates with depression, especially in kids and teens. » 4/20/12 4:30pm 4/20/12 4:30pm

A Video Game, Violence, And Depression Study That Looks At The Big…

Over the past decade countless studies have arisen supposedly proving a causal link between video games, violent behavior, and depression. A new study conducted by Christopher J. Ferguson pinpoints why all of the others may have gotten it wrong. » 3/01/11 2:00pm 3/01/11 2:00pm

Bejeweled Proposed As A Clinical Treatment For Depression And Anxiety

While more mainstream video games are under fire for causing depression, a new study at East Carolina University finds that playing casual puzzle games is an effective way to combat clinical depression and anxiety. Guess who underwrote the study? » 2/16/11 2:00pm 2/16/11 2:00pm

"Problematic" Gaming Linked To Depression, Drugs, And Fighting

In a survey that's sure to be taken the wrong way by somebody, researchers at the Yale School of Medicine have discovered links between "problematic gaming" and negative health behaviors like smoking, doing drugs, and fighting. But first, good news! » 1/19/11 2:40pm 1/19/11 2:40pm

What Should Be the Official Console of The Next Great Depression?

With the economy on the ropes and a recession running around like death at the masquerade, it seems inevitable that we're going to be dealing with question eventually, so let's get to it now. NPR argued yesterday that video games could serve as the mass opiate of this generation's great depression. In the 30s that… » 9/25/08 10:00am 9/25/08 10:00am

Video Games Equal Comfort In Troubled Economic TImes

Are video games the movies of our current economic slump? In an article wittily titled, "In Tough Economic Times, Video Games Console", NPR writer Laura Sydell explores the similarities between the growing popularity of video games in mainstream culture with the movie boom that occurred during The Great Depression in… » 9/24/08 11:20am 9/24/08 11:20am