Batman Is A Corny Dingus, And Superman Should Whomp His Ass

As the title suggests, the upcoming stupid-ass movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will feature Batman and Superman opposing each other, at least for a while, before they inevitably come together to form what will become the Justice League of America. I do not follow this garbage film franchise, because it is… »7/21/15 12:32pm7/21/15 12:32pm


Xbox Live Has Got A Binder Full Of Awful Debate Questions

I've been watching the Presidential debates on my Xbox 360. I'm not alone—Microsoft reports that more than 100,000 people watched last night's debate on their gaming console. While I applaud Microsoft for making these vital discussions available on the Xbox, there's one big downside to watching them this way: Those… »10/17/12 6:00pm10/17/12 6:00pm