We Are Going To Play As The Grim Reaper. And Spread The Bubonic Plague.

Don't get weirded out by this, but I have a bit of a thing for the ol' black death. Its various outbreaks are some the most fascinating events in centuries, an apocalypse tale straight from the history books. It's the best part of one of the best movies ever made. Hell, one of my favourite records is a concept… »2/08/13 12:30am2/08/13 12:30am

Some Guys Who Worked on LittleBigPlanet Want You to Spread the Plague in Death Inc.

What do you do after helping craft some of the cuddliest, most heartwarming games of this past generation? If you're the guys at Ambient Studios—some of whom worked at Media Molecule on the big-hearted LittleBigPlanet games—it's making a game about Death and the horrors of the bubonic plague. »1/09/13 2:45pm1/09/13 2:45pm